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overview of our services

At Plumbing Today of Southern NY, we offer various plumbing services to residential and commercial buildings.
Below are the primary services we provide to our esteemed clients:

drain cleaning

Drain pipes are the most crucial component of your plumbing system as they safely drive out wastewater from your home. However, a lack of regular drain cleaning may compromise the drainage system due to pipe clogging. Drain clogs are primarily caused by tree root invasion and disposal of non-flushable items, like feminine products, baby wipes, hair residues, excessive food, soap scum, grease, cotton swabs, and paper towel.
The above non-flushable materials accumulate inside the pipes, harden, and form stubborn clogs, whose elimination requires drain snaking or cleaning chemicals. Call our team for professional drain cleaning services whenever you notice slow drainage, foul odor, gurgling sounds, and sewer backup.
Moreover, you should schedule routine drain cleaning as it prolongs the lifespan of your plumbing system, eradicates the buildup of mold and bacteria, improves your property structure, and safeguards your family’s health.

hydro jetting

We run high-pressure water through the drains during hydro jetting to clear blockages caused by tree roots, common debris, sewer sludge, grease buildup, and rock sediments. We prefer using hydro jetting in clearing drain blockages as it is non-invasive and chemical-free.
Hydro jetting is ideal during preventive maintenance, when other methods fail, when the plumbing system is old, or even when you experience persistent sewer backups.

pipe lining

We repair worn-out pipes by inserting a calibration tube into the old piping. Compressed air is blown into the tube to make sure that it clings to the interior surface of the old pipes. The liner hardens within a short time. Our team takes a day to complete the pipelining process, and the trenchless pipe lining should last for approximately 50 years. However, our experts first clean the old drain pipes and use a sewer camera to inspect the lines before the process begins.

rely on the local experts

Our clients in Poughkeepsie, NY, and nearby areas count on our services for the following reasons:

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to
finish the job in a timely and effective manner

We employ highly-trained and

experienced professionals

We provide prompt response

We offer quality solutions, including 24/7 emergency
plumbing services, at reasonable rates

reach out to our team today

If you’re experiencing any plumbing or sewer problems, prevent further damage by contacting Plumbing Today of Southern NY. Set up an appointment by calling our team or accomplishing the online form.